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  1. New Members Area
    Good morning to all! We are working on a 2009 Smart Fortwo. Customer states and I quote " Vehicle just stopped, got it towed (he took it home), vehicle starts when direct current to Starter but it won't move (stuck into gears)". Got it towed at my shop and verified all of what he stated. I've...
  2. smart General Discussion
    I just did an oil change, plugs, and filters. What is the situation for this flashing wrench? The car needs maintenance, right? Do I set this myself to alert me? For example when 10,000 miles is up and it's time for a new oil change? I read the manual, but I don't remember anything about this...
  3. New Members Area
    Just picked up my 2010 Smart and couldn't be happier. I love it! Brings new meaning to the words "fits and goes anywhere!". Already having my first issue with the flashing wrench at 7800 kms. I'm assuming it's warning me I'm due for my service A and I will endeavour to reset the flasher myself...
1-3 of 3 Results