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  1. Key fob battery replacement

    smart General Discussion
    Hiya, My key fob battery is dying, what with the drawn out process to get a duplicate key made, I'm wondering how difficult it will be to replace the batter. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your wisdom and input.
  2. WANTED: 2005 ForTwo Key FOB - 450

    smart Parts Marketplace
    Hello, I'm looking to buy a FOB. We only got one when we purchased the car, used. Please send a PM if you have one compatible with a 2005 450. Thanks! Steve
  3. Door locks

    New Members Area
    Is there some way to change the door locks so that all locks open on one click? I have a 2008 Smart Passion Conv.
  4. Key Stopped Working (wiring short fried the alternator)

    Modifications and Repairs
    My only Smart key stopped working today. I went to the grocery store and came out and tried to start the car and it flashed a key icon on the display and refused to start. I tried a new battery with no luck. Am I going to have to wait until Monday and go to the dealership for a re-program...