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  1. smart fortwo (451 - US vehicle)
    Are there any tutorials on how to replace the lower grille? I want to add fog lights to mine and i dont wanna do it unless i know the do's and dont's AND i wanna make sure i dont mess anything up. 😅
  2. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Does anyone know of any dealer programmable or user programmable perimeters on a 2016 Smart ? Specifically the rear facing fog lights which are part of the left and right tail light assemblies. I would like them to come on at the same time the brakes are applied. Additionally, we would the...
  3. Colorado Chapter
    Can anyone give me a link for fog lights for the 2008 Passion? I'd like LED but want to be sure I purchase the correct ones. MB of Westminster wants $1,000.00 bucks for theirs. My thinking is buy the ones I want on-line and have MB install them. Any thoughts?
  4. Interior & Exterior
    This is what I did today: New six LED high mounted third brake light. This is the light from Uptown Dog Co. Installation is a snap - two screws, remove the bulb mount from the old fixture, plug the LED's into the bulb mount, install the bulb mount in the new fixture and install the two...
  5. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Wandering through a junkyard today, when I walked past a couple of Mercedes. Realized what I had walked past, and went back. Now I have a pair of $9 (for both!) fog lights for my Smart!
  6. Chromeandfogs

    Installed the fogs by actived, of course. I like to take my car apart!
  7. Vendor Deals
    Hi, Wanna to upgrade your fog lights' brightness? Check this out:cool: H11 Super White LED - smartPitStop Make your smart foglight whiter and brighter. With 18-spots LED, easy to install. Double your current light output. Package Include: H11 Super White LED x 2 Thanks
  8. Pacific NorthWest Region
    timobile celebrates one year today... by preparing to hit the dusty trail to scPDX for repair and maintenance. I'll be at 18.3K, so I'll get the 20K service while I'm there. And I'll get some road rash fixed, Darin says about $85 for a fog light and labor if I recall. Here's my popeye...
  9. smart General Discussion
    I just received this email this afternoon from Smart USA... I wish I could have my current 09 upgraded to have the free fogs... An update from smart USA. Dear Joseph, smart USA would like to announce a change to the “Comfort Package” option on...
1-9 of 10 Results