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fortwo passion coupe

  1. Hello from K-Town, Germany

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    Howdy, folks. I'm a first-time Smart owner with a 2002 Smart ForTwo (named Alma) bought second-hand with ~50k miles on it. Purchased her from a couple that was PCS'ing from Germany, and I've been slowly getting more involved with her. Her previous owners did not take that great of care of her...
  2. So long and thanks for all the expensive repairs

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    I'd always been fascinated with microcars ever since I saw Erkle's BMW Iseta on Full House as a teen. Starting in around 2000 I had an obsession with smart cars. In 2006 I test drove a grey market Euro smart at a local dealership and loved it. It was a zippy, fun ride. As soon as I got home I...
  3. YouTube of my new Passion!

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    So just how small *is* my new Smart Car? Take a look on YouTube for video by member JetCityOrange. It's called "My Smart Car"