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  1. 451
    Hello, I own a ED3 (3,7-22kW) 451.390 Smart fortwo ED 2016 After a period of time parked, like when I take the car in the morning, I hear a noise in the front the first few seconds. It disappears quickly. The sound is like the discs would push the brake pads the first few turns of the wheel...
  2. smart Parts Marketplace
    I know I dont post often, but this community is always kind and open hearted. So today, my wife tapped the back of a trailer by accident and dented R2 pretty good. The cap for the flood light even popped out. Seems it needs replacement. Smart wants $140. Hoping to catch someone who can give me a...
  3. smart General Discussion
    Hey everybody! I am planning on putting on my spring and summer tires soon and I want a front end alignment done on my car since I know it is way off just by 13k of tire wear on my old set and my fronts were killed and my rears were looking pretty good. My Fairfield service center that does...
  4. Front Bumper Spare Tire Mount

    Front bumper spare tire mount sold by smartepartsaz on ebay:
  5. New Members Area
    Hi all, What a great site with great information. I brought my 05 Smart Passion Convertible from Alberta early last year. Have had to do all regular service and some repairs myself and have found some great advice and ideas on this site. I even fixed my drivers door handle using cables from a...
1-5 of 6 Results