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  1. 450
    I have a 2002 smart 600 and it was sat for a long time and the petrol went bad. So I changed the petrol and it would run but then keep running without the fuel pump even on so decided to change the injectors on the assumption the injectors where stuck open. Changed the injectors today and still...
  2. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Has anyone tried 100 octane fuel? Is there any performance/economy gain?
  3. smart General Discussion
    Ok....I don't get it....I have a 2002 smart passion...I did a 2 hour journey on a full tank, and only one bar on the electronic gauge went down. I thought, wow that's amazing! I drove around a little more here and there, then the bars just dropped and dropped! ALSO... Is the fuel completely...
  4. smart General Discussion
    The thread title pretty much says it all: what brand of gas do you use? Or do you just fill up anywhere?
  5. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Twice the fuel gauge in my wifes smart has gone bezerk after superfilling, flashing all the bars on and off. The first time it kept flashing it until it got below half a tank, then resolved itself just as we were about to take it in to get looked at. This time it's flashing for a while, then...
  6. Pioneer Radio System

    Pics of my aftermarket radio install.
  7. smart General Discussion
    When I picked up my car a couple weeks ago My dealer told me SMART said it is OK to use non Premium Fuel. He said they still advise using it for best performance however. Was anyone else told this? My salesman, Tony, just returned from a weeks worth of training by Smart USA.
1-7 of 7 Results