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  1. Don't mess with a contractor and his parking spot.

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    Source: Don't mess with a contractor and his parking spot. : funny
  2. smart center Westminster Commercial

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    Here's a fun, quick little ad put together by the smart team at the smart center Westminster:
  3. Smart car VS...

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    F-250 300lb Nightclub Bouncer my cat
  4. Smart Cycle (Look twice!)

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    I don't think this decal really exists, but I wish it did!
  5. Cute Yaris Chase Video

    The Car Lounge
    Smart needs to do something like this. OK, it is CGI, but it is cute. It also highlights the fact that the Yaris does not have ESC like the smart does at 0:11.
  6. Hilarious Roadster Writeup on Jalopnik

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    Get Smart for $18,000 - Npocp - Jalopnik Buy this smart roadster for $18,000 or get a Miata and live a long, dull, unmemorable life
  7. Smart Car vs Lamborghini

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    Funny little video of Smart Car tangling with a big, bad Lambo. Guess who wins? Smart Car Vs Lamborghini - Video or Smart Car vs Lamborghini - Yahoo! Buzz Thought all Smart people would enjoy! Smart cars will someday rule the world! Chuck
  8. Infineon Meet Video, "Screaming Cow" vs Fiero

    Smart Owners Club of San Francisco
    Hey yall, the wife and I had a great time at the Infineon autocross meet, and were glad we meet all you folks. I've posted an amusing video from the end of the day when Larry "LittleDevil" took on an instructor's Pontiac Fiero in his Bovine inspired smart. We took to calling his car "The...
  9. Smart Fortwo Parody of Kia Spectra Gas Station Commercial

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    See the original commercial here:
  10. Stump The Valet!

    Stump The Valet!

    Just noticed the Valet ticket from an event last night. "Mini Car" written on ticket.