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  1. Code after replacing fuses

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Howdy y'all, My alarm system has been malfunctioning since I got the car (high pitched siren goes off unless I disable in cabin), and the locking mechanism just recently became unresponsive to any attempts to lock/unlock it (both keys' buttons did nothing even with new batteries, mechanical...
  2. Blown Fuse Issue

    Modifications and Repairs
    I posted a few weeks ago and got help on replacing the right fuse for my windows, which had blown. Got in the car today and the same fuse was blown again. Anyone have any ideas why that would happen? Fuse wasn't a dud, bought a good brand name replacement. I only have two windows...
  3. Windows won't roll down (2006 Cabrio)

    Modifications and Repairs
    The temperature's warming up so I've finally had a few days to peel the top back on my 2006 Cabrio. Today when I was pulling out of the driveway the top came down fine, but the windows didn't budge. They worked fine yesterday. Anyone come across this, or know troubleshooting I can do? I'm...
  4. Left Turn Signal / Strange flashing

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    SOLVED: Left Turn Signal / Strange flashing Yesterday while driving, I noticed the dome light flickering, and fog light toggle light on console flickering, later discovered hyper blinking on left turn signal due to the left front signal being out. Changing one of the fuses seemed to fix the...
  5. Battery Drain - Found it, now what?

    smart General Discussion
    Went through diagnostics to find battery drain. Disconnected battery (-) and measured amp draw. After turning key on/off and waiting for things to quiet down, had a rather steady 145 mA. Tested several times - same result each time. Reconnected battery and began going through each fuse...
  6. Help! 451 Blown Fuse #12, short circuit

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Please help... I have a 2008 451 with about 105,000 kms, now off of warranty.. Today I suddenly lost my instrument cluster, strip-panel switches (heated seats & sometimes door locks, & the rear hatch unlock switch), signal indicators. More specifically, my speedo and tach are stuck at 30 kph...