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  1. Penske (?) Forfour
    Hello, I have seen many sketches of futuristic smarts that allow for bicycles to sit in the back, like a pickup. How can I best learn about the future model styles that are real? Thanks Ryan
  2. smart News & Rumors
    You see these funny little car2go runabouts put-putting around trendy, totally urban neighbourhoods here on the West Coast like Yaletown, the West End and Kitsilano. Car2go’s Smart fortwo microcars are rolling billboards for not only Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson’s vision of Vancouver as the...
  3. smart News & Rumors
    A Thunder Bay car dealership on Wednesday showed how far the company and the automotive industry have come since the first car hit the streets. North Star Mercedes-Benz played host to a blast from the company’s past on Wednesday, when a replica model of one of the first gas-powered...
  4. smart News & Rumors
    Jalopnik posted a story about a patent filing by smart that features a rendering of a new, crossblade-esque looking smart Secret Smart Concept Too Adorable for Words
  5. smart General Discussion
    Ran across this today in the local paper. Interesting piece - better hang on to your smart~! :D Classic Cars of the Future Classic cars have withstood the test of time and managed to remain a thing of nostalgic value to many. When a car is still modern, you cannot always tell which make or...
1-5 of 5 Results