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  1. Garage Door Remote or Homelink

    Just out of curiosity, where do you keep your garage door remote? Has anyone upgraded their rear view mirror to a one with home link buttons or installed home link buttons directly on the headliner or somewhere in the car? I am currently placing my remote in the storage cabin under gear...
  2. Who has the coolest garage?

    The Car Lounge
    A German firm called Style Your Garage creates posters for garage doors that make it look as if your garage is where the action is. Made for the up-and-over garage doors common in Europe , they mount with velcro and can be adapted to fit sectional garage doors. If you've got a two-car garage, no...
  3. How to install an OEM-style remote garage door opener

    smart Modifications
    I just completed the installation of an OEM style garage door opener in my 2008 Passion Coupe. This remote is the familiar 3 button Homelink transmitter found in many vehicles, but NOT available as a factory option in our fortwos. While the ubiquitous visor clip-on works, it is truly inelegant...
  4. Three Car Garage

    Three Car Garage

    Two reasons why I picked smart. Fits behind the Jeep. Gets much better mpg than the Jeep.