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  1. 2009 Smart Fortwo 451 - North America (Timing Cover Gasket)

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    O-Ta~ I have been aware, for the last month and a half, that I am in-need of a timing cover gasket replacement; However, I have not had the available money, to commit, to have it fixed; As, I had spent $5,000+, in parts and labor, to have my vehicle repaired and refurbished, after purchasing...
  2. Spin on Oil Filter Adapter

    Original (450) smart fortwo
    Back in 2007 I purchased a spin-on oil filter adapter for my 450 through Recently, my adapter has begun leaking. I believe its because the gasket/seal is six+ years old, and it looks really flat...everything else looks great; no defects, scratches, cuts or other damages to...
  3. Oil pan - gasket or RTV?

    Modifications and Repairs
    I think my Dad just found the cause of my oil leak. And its not the catch can (anymore)! :) It looks like the seal between the oil pan and the bottom of the engine is giving out/deteriorating. Is this seal a gasket or just RTV sealant? Without taking the oil pan off, it looks like just RTV...