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  1. 453
    I've been driving this to work over two months with GPS app running on the phone. And the speedometer is off showing faster than it's actually doing. At 70mph it's 4.5 mph slower than the speedo is displaying. It's even worse at 90+ but that's because it's a linear progression. Suspect that...
  2. Audio & Video
    Hello, i have a smart fortwo 2008 model and i want to buy a gps/bluetooth 2din dvd radio unit. Since i am not very familiar with these items i found this unit but i really dont like the menus...also i dont know what kind of maps this this is carrying and if i can add other map software...
  3. Audio & Video
    I was, too. There is a cure, and it's called Software Upgrade V12.23 :D:D I am excited about finally having a GPS that works as it was meant to work....enjoy :)
  4. Special Plates

    got my plates for the 2010 world micro/mini car meet in chicago, got #42! (only 50 sets of plates were stamped/issued)
  5. Avic U310bt Install

    My aftermarket mods-- Polk Speakers; Pioneer AVIC 310BT dash unit; arm rest
  6. Audio & Video
    PIONEER® AVIC-F7010BT w/ FREE CDIU230V iPod® Audio/Video Direct Cable! PIONEER® AVIC-F7010BT $699.99 Shipped!! And CDIU230V iPod® Audio/Video Direct Cable $50.00 Value FREE with Purchase! Radio comes complete with Pre-Wired smart Car Wiring Harness, Antenna Adapter and Installation...
  7. Audio & Video
    Hey guys I found this and it may be the correct color code for Smarts
  8. Audio & Video
    I think I may have a solution to be able to control my iphone without looking down. Plus I get hands free blue tooth and GPS. Need some opinions. Staples and have the Tomtom 720 on sale $169 and $179 ($10 off if you are a new member and over $200). The 720 does all kinds of neat...
  9. New Members Area
    Received the SC yesterday ... Most interested in adding higher-end audio and GPS NAV. Mike
  10. Audio & Video
    I've been using my Dell Notebook for GPS and mp3 playback for a couple years. But, I've been checking out in-car PC solutions lately. Particularly Double Din in dash units. Seems to be a developing market, leaning strongly to the DIY types (barebones systems, and such) Has anyone here...
  11. Kansas Chapter
    Hello KC... Got hooked on idea of multi-functional sound system (GPS, DVD, CD, IPOD, AMFM, Sat Radio, Back up camera, etc.) but am concerned about finding qualified installation services in the Kansas City area. Has anyone installed any replacements to the factory installed systems...
  12. GPS

    smart General Discussion
    When picking up my Silver/Silver Passion on Wed., I spotted an "orphan" Passion on the Mercedes dealer's showroom floor. It was right beside a bright red SLR. The thing that really caught my eye was that it had been equipped with an aftermarket GPS/radio/DVD etc. apparently made by Kenwood...
  13. New Members Area
    hello, everyone. This is Lynn from China. I am interesting in the car. and have high passion for this forum. Hope you all have a nice day.
  14. smart General Discussion
    Just wondering if everyone has the same experience.... I finally had a chance to get the GPS in my smart and noticed at 50+ mph or so the speedometer is 3 or 4 mph lower than the reading on the GPS. Even the Scangauge reading is 2 mph higher than the speedo. Am I imagining things? Anybody else?
1-16 of 19 Results