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  1. A Green Future For smart?

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    You see these funny little car2go runabouts put-putting around trendy, totally urban neighbourhoods here on the West Coast like Yaletown, the West End and Kitsilano. Car2go’s Smart fortwo microcars are rolling billboards for not only Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson’s vision of Vancouver as the...
  2. What brakes pads to, green or black?

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Getting tired of all the dust and sponginess of my brakes. Going to replace them, but I am not sure what type of pad should I use. Four basic choices O'Reilly Auto Parts ceramic (they also have a semi metallic) EBC Blackstuff EBC Greenstuff or EBC Redstuff I do some major city stop and go...
  3. Solar Flare 2011: Northern Lights Amplified, Communications And Power Grids Could Be

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    A series of massive solar flares that have ejected from the sun in recent days could trigger a dazzling show of the northern lights for stargazers in the northern United States, but they could also have far more serious consequences, including the disruption of power grids and communication...
  4. need help choosing and finding a used smart

    New Members Area
    i'm looking for a used smart car with less than 30k miles on it i don't really care where it is but i live in VA closer the better but i can travel up to like 1 k miles to get it. does any one have a passion coupe for sale? under 11000 color doesn't matter because i'm most likely just getting...
  5. USAWeekend article - Red-Hot and Green.

    smart General Discussion
    This article was in USAWeekend today. It highlighted what the author considered "green" vehicles; ranging from a $6,200 Vespa scooter to a $106,000 Lexus 600h L with several others in between those prices. And of course, smart was no where to be found. :mad: Article here: Are 'green' cars really...
  6. Local owner of smart fortwo isn't feeling pinched by high gasoline prices

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    Local owner of smart fortwo isn't feeling pinched by high gasoline prices
  7. EBC brake pads for our smartie

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I spoke to someone on here one time awhile back about a better grade brake pad that is not so damned dirty and they recommended EBC Green pads and also a pt #. I want to get them in advance of needing to change out the brake pads or when I just get tired of having to clean the front wheels so...
  8. I love the world and i want to save it.

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    This is our planet. lets keep it green. i know my piddly little self wont make much of a difference but i do everything i can to burn less awful gasoline without inconveniencing everyone else and myself. i destroyed my lawn to plant trees. they dont need as much corrosive fertilizer to stay...