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  1. SE/VA & NE/NC Chapter
    New website and Smart group is forming in Hampton Roads! Website: :D
  2. All Smarts

    Minnesmarta Sping Rally
  3. Mid-Atlantic Region
    Hi all, anyone up for a meet an greet in February? Either sat 21 or sunday 22? Since we have been to hampton, portsmouth and va.beach, how about Norfolk this time? Erin :D
  4. Mid-Atlantic Region
    We now have our own category in the gallery. :D I've uploaded pictures from both meets. Please add yours.
  5. Mid-Atlantic Region
    Let's try again. What's a good Saturday for a meet in Hampton as was suggested for last month? I've search the new members' list and found over 50 members from Fredricksburg east down to North Carolina (went through all 133 pages!). I've sent private messages to almost everyone. We should be...
1-5 of 5 Results