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  1. New Members Area
    Hi Every one. I love my Smart for two. I bought it in January of this year I got rear ended in the valley SFV Los Angeles. Iam going to go to the dealer in riverside for an estimate It still runs great but a little messed up rear end and windshield. lol Its just like my gokart when i was a...
  2. smart General Discussion
    Picked up my black brabus tonight at smart center Easton in Columbus and I LOVE it!! My sales guy andrew was great and it was his first car that he sold!! I got free rubber floor mates 4 keychains and the license plate for the frount that mounts on the tow hook all for free!!! Only took 15...
  3. New Members Area
    I took the wife to the Germantown MD Smart Center (Euro Motorcars) for a test drive of an '09 model. She (the car, not the wife) was silver with a black tridon. She had everything I wanted. The only difference between my reservation and her was mine was a black body. A very comparable test...
1-3 of 5 Results