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  1. 451
    First, I’m new here and just got my 2013 451 about 5 days ago. As I have been checking basic things out, cleaning, etc I have uncovered a few things. • Original battery • Rear passenger taillight had a leak and was nasty inside. Removed it, cleaned it, added a silicone sealant in hopes to...
  2. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Does anyone know of any dealer programmable or user programmable perimeters on a 2016 Smart ? Specifically the rear facing fog lights which are part of the left and right tail light assemblies. I would like them to come on at the same time the brakes are applied. Additionally, we would the...
  3. smart Modifications
    It seems as if most of the people I have seen here got their halo lights from I decided to paint my headlights black and while I was in there I figured, Why not! I ordered the 100mm and the 80mm lights in the color that seemed to fit what I wanted. Since I was painting the...
  4. Modifications and Repairs
    My low beams both went out, and it doesn't seem to be the bulbs or the fuses that are causing it. Highs work and tail lights work. I'm guessing it might be the relay, which is soldered inside the SAM (via Evilution). Does anyone else have any ideas why the lights may have gone out, and possible...
  5. New Members Area
    I've been looking at Smart Cars for about 6 months now. Don't really NEED one, but really want one. I finally took the plunge and I will take delivery of my Silver 2009 Smart fortwo Brabus in about 2 weeks. I read a thread last week re: HID headlights, but can't seem to find it now for some...
  6. smart General Discussion
    Well, I'm coming up on my 50,000 mile service. I hate to say it, but my smart is typical. I say this because: I had the bad wiring problem where it would burn out headlights. On the third one in 2 years I took it to the dealer and they found the loose wire. Some time before the 30,000...
  7. smart Operation and Maintenance
    On the way home tonight I noticed one of my headlamps is out. (driver side) Has anyone had to replace one of these bulbs yet, and do you know how much it's gonna cost me? :confused: I find it odd that I only have 21000 miles on the car (1 year 6 months old) and I am already replacing...
  8. Pennsylvania Chapter
    So, in August I drove my Smart Car from California to Philly (awesome, btw), knowing full well that I had xenon headlights installed. What I didn't know is that the Xenon's were aftermarket and NOT factory installed. So when my passenger side headlight went out, I took it to Devon Smart Center...
  9. smart Operation and Maintenance
    I would like to cover the sensor that controls the headlights so that the headlights would be on during daylight hours. I can't seem to locate it on my 2008 passion. thank you!................millbilly
  10. New Members Area
    Hello everyone, I just joined because I'm searching for help. I have a 2005 diesel model and my headlights burnt out. Here in Quebec they say to have them serviced at the dealer. the dealers are all closed all weekend. Anybody know how to change the low beam lights? Thanks Kak
  11. Blacked Out Headlights

    blacked out headlights
1-11 of 12 Results