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  1. Sunlight and Heat effect on plastic panels

    smart General Discussion
    Just leased a Smart ForTwo Pure Coupe for 36 months and live in Phoenix. The sun and heat out here destroy anything that is plastic and I have a garage but the car will be sitting in direct sunlight during my working hours. Anyone else have a Smart Car that they leave in direct sunlight in...
  2. New noises from heat/ac fan

    New Members Area
    As the weather gets colder, I am experiencing a 30 second squeal from my fan when I turn it on. After 30 seconds or so it silences. I am planning a trip to the dealership to have it checked out. I feel like it is not something serious and wonder if I can get at the fan to see what it could...
  3. Roof paint

    smart Modifications
    The black roof on my Pure gets painfully hot, and it makes the interior hot also. Thinking of painting it a lighter color to reduce the heat, with Krylon Fusion for plastics, Blonde Shimmer (they also have a Nickle shimmer). Krylon: Products: Fusion for Plastic Metallic Shimmer Anyone have...
  4. Anyone have LCD heat issues?

    Tech & Gadgets
    Not much going on here. Still unemployed, still waiting on disability, and still broiling in the TX heat. We have a LCD HDTV I got back in april (if you guys ever need deals on crap, I can give you some sites to look at: $600 TV for $200, back when I got my severance) and now that it is 110˚F...
  5. Painting the roof

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Because of the extreme heat in the car, I am going to paint the roof. Does anyone know where I can find my paint code on the car? Also a good place to purchase some color matched paint? (with flexible additive) I am going to paint it the same as the body panels, but adding some Insuladd...
  6. new to site-love my car, hate the jerking, anyone else?

    New Members Area
    I've had my car for over a year and oddly enough the hot weather really messes with my transmission. It gets stuck in nuetral, and dont even mention the summer traffic. The jerking is killing me! Anyone else have this problem or do I need a new transmission?? HELP!!!
  7. Scanguage II

    Interior & Exterior
    I am interested in purchasing the Scanguage II but would like to know if all of the advertised functions work on the SF2.
  8. Shade


    Shade can be used for roof top.
  9. Shade


    Shade can be used for roof top.
  10. Shade


    Shade can be used for roof top.
  11. Melting Side Rails

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    It's been hot here in the Portland area the past couple of days, with temps around 100 (according to our smart cabrio). We've been driving with the top down a fair amount since we got it in early April, and we take the side rails out fairly often. The last time we took them out was just before...