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heated seats

  1. For Sale 2008 cabrio white/silver

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    US car ordered new with heated cloth seats, gauges, fogs, cargo cover, factory rubber mats and it has provided 59K wonderful miles (mostly highway), consistent 42mpg, bike rack included. Moving in 20 days across country to smaller home and can't bear to leave my baby outside! Car is here in...
  2. Upstate NY and Electric Smart Car?

    New Members Area
    Hello all, I test drove an electric model last month and really enjoyed it. My commute is about 30 miles per day. The electric model is very enticing to me.. However, given that it is currently -3 here in Albany I am concerned. Anyone out there have an Electric Car is a very cold...
  3. smart Car Problem

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    Good Day, A few days ago, my wipers, heated seats, internal air circulation, & rear window defogger all stopped working. I checked the fuses for the wipers and heated seats and they are fine. Anybody have any ideas on what might be wrong? I'm about 90 miles away from the nearest dealer and...
  4. Winter engine start up

    smart General Discussion
    In the cold of winter do I need to start my smart and let it warm up? And also if I start my smart and go back in the house will the doors lock? And how well do the heated seats and heater work? And are the mirrors heated? Jeremy