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  1. Heater stopped working and ac came on

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Apologies for the verbose story in advance. For the past two weeks, my 2014 smartcar fortwo pure, with almost 70000 kms, had a slight vibration at high speeds over 100 kmh that got noticeably worse in the last 3 days whenever going over 60-70 kmh. I assumed it was a wheel alignment and balance...
  2. Is my heater broken?

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    Almost exactly two years ago I had my heating module replaced on my 2014 ED. I didn't get any heat from the vents back then. I live in Florida, so I don't use the heater very much. Been using it the past few days off and on on my way to work early in the morning. My drive to work is about 25...
  3. My little can of worms... Heater core

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    First I want to thank " rustedwrench" to help me locate the heater core. Once found it was easy to remove. I first searched on line and could not find any replacement. (Last resort is the dealer) but anyway I figured I'll try to repair using JB weld. Well looking at the core there is a leak...
  4. Heater blower motor repair

    Technical "stickies"
    I decided to post this little tutorial so others don't go through the frustration I did tonight. Recently there have been several posts about heater blower motor failures. I joined those ranks last week. My blower was operating intermittently, and when it did work, I had to have it on high to...