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  1. Dash and Tachometer Holes?

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    Hey I hope I can get some help from the community I was trying to find covers that were missing when I purchased my 2016 453. Absolutely love my 453 but when I got it it was missing (or maybe had removed) the correct panels in two places. One is on the dash where the tachometer would go the...
  2. Partial led taillights

    Ok. On my 2016 prime my taillights went out. My brake lights work, but not my taillights. I went to check my bulbs and found out my car has partial led’s. I don’t understand why brake lights work and taillights don’t not like standard bulb with two filaments. Any suggestions appreciated. I have...
  3. 2008 passion 451 (no start)

    Hi hope this is ok and in the right section. Long time reader first time poster. So shes been a good car for a while and I really love how she looks and drives. Other day she started ran for 1 second and shut off. I no longer hear that 2 second buzz priming noise near my head when the Keys...