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  1. smart Vehicle Marketplace
    So Ive got a blue cabriolet with only about 56k miles, seems low but Im not too sure with these smarts. The thing has some mechanical issues it runs rough ever since a missfire problem but I got new plugs and it sorted that out but it still runs weird cant figure out why. Im basically sick of...
  2. smart fortwo (451 - US vehicle)
    Me and my mom installed a speaker in my smart today - had no issues until it came to sliding the panel back on, any tips or tricks on how to get it back on? thanks!
  3. Interior & Exterior
    I had my Driver's seat's wing mirror glass broken the other day on my Smart FORTWO EQ 2014 and I cannot find a replacement for an electric glass in my country. So I want to know if there is any other car model that has a mirror glass that fits on to a smart wing mirror?
  4. smart fortwo Electric Drive
    Hi! I have a 2013 smart fortwo ED and last night i pulled the stupidest move ever. I left my car charging but at the same time, I left my headlights on. Now my car won’t turn on at all. Can I simply jumpstart my car? Is there anything else I have to do?
  5. 450
    I'm back again dealing with issues still trying to smog my car. Does anyone know what this light means? I've gotten the cracked evap canister changed. A new purge value since it was cracked as well. Last fix was a cracked gas gauge. Keep putting miles on and this one light (Pd DTC) keeps...
  6. smart General Discussion
    Hey I hope I can get some help from the community I was trying to find covers that were missing when I purchased my 2016 453. Absolutely love my 453 but when I got it it was missing (or maybe had removed) the correct panels in two places. One is on the dash where the tachometer would go the...
  7. 453
    Ok. On my 2016 prime my taillights went out. My brake lights work, but not my taillights. I went to check my bulbs and found out my car has partial led’s. I don’t understand why brake lights work and taillights don’t not like standard bulb with two filaments. Any suggestions appreciated. I have...
  8. 451
    Hi hope this is ok and in the right section. Long time reader first time poster. So shes been a good car for a while and I really love how she looks and drives. Other day she started ran for 1 second and shut off. I no longer hear that 2 second buzz priming noise near my head when the Keys...
1-8 of 9 Results