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  1. Replacement HID bulbs

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Sorry I havent been on much. But I have a question: fpage gave me his HID kit from Smartmadness, but yesterday my driver's side bulb went out. He doesn't have the reciept and they dont have proof he bought it. Is there any h7 bulb out there I could rewire to the Smartmadness balast? Their...
  2. HID headlights???

    New Members Area
    I've been looking at Smart Cars for about 6 months now. Don't really NEED one, but really want one. I finally took the plunge and I will take delivery of my Silver 2009 Smart fortwo Brabus in about 2 weeks. I read a thread last week re: HID headlights, but can't seem to find it now for some...
  3. What HID KIT do I buy?

    smart General Discussion
    Okay, So I'm looking to buy an HID kit, but everyone says only WHERE they bought it. . . . and not what Kit they specifically bought. I Looked through this thread here BY Braddman: *SPECIAL THANKS* to: Braddman For the helpful instructions on installing the HID kit, ByTheWay the prices have...
  4. 3 Nearly New 35w 6500k HID Kits look inside, H7, H8, H11, H16 (5202)

    Archive/obsolete (?) threads
    Hi I recently switched all my HID Kit in the Brabus to Morimoto HID kits so now I have what's left, these kits all have less than 5 hours of run time on them and they were working perfectly when removed! These are not cheap eBay kits you can look up the quality of these kits on Google JLC...
  5. Help--I have an HID light out!

    smart Modifications
    Hey All, I found today that my right-hand headlight is out . . . just before this Sunday's SF Club drive! Normally I wouldn't be concerned because it would be a matter of going to Kragen and getting a new bulb. However, these are dealer-installed HID's? How are these different from...
  6. Smart Car HID light conversion kit

    Vendor Deals
    Another new product coming soon, very soon.... As most of you know there are a number of after market lighting options for the smart car. A number of customers have asked us for a good quality HID conversion set up. We have looked at a number of options for the smart car and have settled on...
  7. Hid's in my smart

    smart Modifications
    Finally installed them last week notice the plug that goes behind the headlights is done with the grommet and you can see where i mounted the ballast
  8. Improve your H7 headlights in about 5 min for less than $50.

    smart Modifications
    Braddman recently posted a nice DIY about upgrading to HID. There is no question HIDs are the best technology available today for our headlights and it is a pity that smart does not offer HIDs as an option. As for myself, I tested a cheaper, easier modification: replacing the smart H7 bulbs...
  9. Smart Fortwo 451 + DTH Exhaust on EBAY

    Archive/obsolete (?) threads
    Sorry you have to sell. But I'm sure there will another who will take up your orphan.
  10. Help Disabling Auto Headlights on my smart fortwo

    smart Modifications
    So I've had a set of HID lights installed on my smart fortwo passion coupe for over a month now and I love them but after thinking about the installation a little more, I want to make sure that these lights will last as long as possible. With that I know that the on and off characteristics of...
  11. HID Install done today!

    Interior & Exterior
    Perfect fitment, was all plug and play. No splicing wires. The kit was extremely well built and will post some night shots later.