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  1. smart Parts Marketplace
    Highline stereo unit (SOLD) ---UNIT IS SOLD--- Anyone in the market for a working Highline stereo unit? Coming out of a 2012 Cabrio; works perfectly fine, just going to be installing a new unit with more features. Will include the operation manual that came with the car. The installed Nav maps...
  2. Audio & Video
    I came across this Korean test drive video of a 2013 smart fortwo where one can see at 6:14 the image of a back-up camera right on the screen of the smart default navigation system (AKA Bosch Highline). I'm wondering whether this is a built-to-order option especially for the Korean market or...
  3. smart General Discussion
    I have the Bosche Highline radio in my American 2015 Passion coupe. I had it installed after purchase by the dealer, so it may or may not be the newest possible model of the radio. I have a 64gb SD card (contains nothing but mp3 tracks and jpg album art in Windows format folders) in the SD slot...
  4. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hi, I need some help from the experts here. I have a Smart fortwo Cabrio 2013 and it's Bosch Highline unit became faulty. The problem is that the touch screen suddenly died and now I can't do anything with it. I've tried resetting, by removing and putting back the car battery, but that made...
  5. smart General Discussion
    Hi everyone, Let me share my experience concerning the very common dark screen problem I also have with my unit. I read that many of you have exactly the same issue: the screen backlight is so dark that you cannot see it during daytime - even with the highest brightness level selected in...
  6. smart General Discussion
    Hello everyone, First post here although a long time reader. I have a certain problem and I cant find a solution... i have a 2008 smart. i recently bought from the US the highline bosch radio. I installed it and found out it was working fine... BUT i have the following problems: 1. screen...
  7. New Members Area
    I'm new and am not sure where this is going to post at. I have a 2011 Lightshine, got on my birthdayAug 27 2011, with the Highline radio/nav unit. I already have over 10,000 miles on it as I have to travel between GA and NC every other week. I can not find the traffic announcemnts that are shown...
  8. Audio & Video
    Hi, Is anyone else having problems with smart highline stereo when making phone calls? The person on the other end can't hear me due to high noise level. This only happens while driving at high speed (freeway), and works fine in city driving. I think the microphone is built into the stereo...
  9. smart General Discussion
    Hi all. Does anyone have an iPhone with the latest updates (I've got a 4 running 4.3.5) working with this head unit using the USB connector? Thanks.
  10. Audio & Video
    I was playing with my highline radio for a bit today and decided to try a DVD. It played just fine, but when I put the car into drive, the picture was replaced by a safety message while the audio continued. Apparently DVDs can only be viewed while in park. I understand that they have to program...
  11. Lightshine

    2011 Light Blue / Silver Lightshine
  12. Lightshine

    2011 Light Blue / Silver Lightshine
  13. Lightshine

    2011 Light Blue / Silver Lightshine
1-13 of 14 Results