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  1. Engine Bogging at low speed

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hi All, I own a 2009 Smart Fortwo Passion. Since, yesterday I've been having some strange problem with my engine. At very low speed and/or at idle, the engine bogs terrible. It feels like the engine is going to stall. Once the vehicle speed crosses 35-40 mph, the engine starts running...
  2. Engine light on... and Idles Up and Down

    smart Modifications
    Just bought my Smart CAR , used... with 14k miles. Ran great at dealers and all the way home. After a while...Did notice that it idled wierd ... it starts out ok.. then it idles up.... and then... goes right down to normal... it continues to do this... the car was hot... ( meaning it had been...
  3. What systems stay on when the car is idle?

    smart General Discussion
    I know some of the systems stay on when the car is idle, but I can't seem to find a good list. Assuming a fully loaded smart, with all the options in their most power consuming mode, what stays on when the engine is off and the driver walks away? Right now from most of the posts I've read (in...