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  1. smart turns over but won't start. Any suggestions?

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I have a 2009 Smart Passion. Was working perfectly until today. I can't seem to get it started. I put my foot on the brake, insert key into ignition, all proper lights come on during normal start. Display shows car to be in "Park". Engine begins to turn over but car will not start. I have...
  2. What is that beeping?

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Turned off the engine, took out the key and there was a continuous beeping. No lights on to indicate the problem. Put the key back in, started the engine and the beeping stopped. It beeped again when stopping outside the basement door before pulling in. Stopped when we turned off the engine. Can...
  3. How to rewire lights with ignition

    smart Modifications
    My battery died as a result of not turning off the headlights the other night. The headlights turn off when I turn the ignition off, but the parking lights stay on. I'd like to rewire the parking lights so they turn off when the ignition is turned off. Anyone know how to do this? --Scott