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  1. Dealers and Parts
    Does anyone know anywhere in or near New York City, or Miami, or anywhere for that matter that can get parts for and fix a 2004 Smart originally from France but imported and converted for America???
  2. New Members Area
    Does anybody have any experience of importing a 450 fortwo model? I have owned my vehicle since it was brand new in June 2005. I am very partial to my car, as I'm sure many in this forum will be able to understand. I might be moving to the USA later this year or early next year and was thinking...
  3. New Members Area
    Thank you for allowing me to participate in your forum. My husband and I own a 2008 Smart ForTwo (license plate IMARUNT) :-) We have an opportunity to purchase a 2006 Smart Cabriolet imported from Germany but altered to be driven in the states. The Smart dealership we currently take our Smart...
  4. smart Roadster (452)
    I have been looking for the past few years at how I could import a Smart Roadster and I think I have a idea I would like some input on. So here it is: Find a Roadster for sale in Mexico. Find a trusted person to purchase it and then drive it over the border to you (pay the person for their...
  5. New Members Area
    Hello SCOA, I'm looking for a smart CDI that has been registered in the states. I would also be interested to know how hard it is to import from Canada to MI. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
1-5 of 6 Results