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  1. Inky's Speedo Face

    Inky's Speedo Face

  2. Inky's Perposed Rear Window El Image

    Inky's Perposed Rear Window El Image

  3. Multipule Carputer Screens

    Multipule Carputer Screens

    Inky's Carputer screens Note: I just copied from software forums screens shots to quickly show example screens
  4. Inkypods


    SMD LED's instrument pods. All amber LEDs were replaced. Spedo Pod, Air control, button cluster, shifter indicator (Park was left amber) and window controls, The radio came out. Sorry this is a bad pic but shows the cool blue
  5. Inkysoundmat-web


    more sound dampener
  6. Inky-speaker3-web


    Speaker Enclosures covered with speaker felt
  7. Inkyspeakers2-web


    Fiberglass speaker enclosures
  8. Inkywire-web


    Noise Dampener and wires
  9. Pdx5 Under Pasenger Seat

    Pdx5 Under Pasenger Seat

    Alpine PDX5 5 Channel Amp. Certified at 813Watts
  10. Rear 6.5" Polks

    Rear 6.5" Polks

    The enclosure I custom made. First time fiberglass and turned out great.
  11. Front End Photo1

    Front End Photo1

    Pic of the carputer frontend - Music Page
  12. Front End Photo1

    Front End Photo1

    Pic of the carputer frontend - Basic functions
  13. Inky's Insides

    Inky's Insides

    Second Monitor with front regular front cam. Air bag light moved and SMD LEDed
  14. Inky's Insides

    Inky's Insides

    Some 6.5" Polks, Inky's Carputer Keyboard
  15. Inky's Insides

    Inky's Insides

    Monitors 8" in dash, 7" above, Radar Detector, Driver Cam and Homelink Mirror
  16. Introducing "Inky"

    smart Modifications
    Ok I've gotten far enough to post some photos. But not done yet. If SMART would fix my dang account I can upload more photos. :D Inky's Front vew minus his teeth
  17. Inky5


  18. Inky4


  19. Inky3


  20. Inky2