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  1. Ultragauge and Vibration Meter Install

    SE/VA & NE/NC Chapter
    Ultragauge and Vibration Meter Install
  2. Polk Audio MM651 Full Video Walkthrough

    Audio & Video
    Hey everybody! Here is what we have going on here! :) We have: 1. Unboxing of a box and unboxing what is in that box. 2. Very long series of videos installing the Polk Audio MM651 coaxial speakers using a method not seen in pictures or video or recommended by anybody on the forum! 3. Review...
  3. Seattle-area Area 451 Cruise Control Install Party

    Pacific NorthWest Region
    Sorry for double-posting this... I think this forum might be a bit more appropriate: I'm trying to gauge interest in an Area 451 Cruise Control install party put on by SmartieParts in the Seattle area. He will be doing one in Boise towards the end of March. If we give him enough time, he can...
  4. Need help with mdc cruise control!

    smart Modifications
    I just obtained an MDC cruise control, but it has no instructions - anyone out there have the installation instructions they would be willing to share with me?
  5. IKE goes under the knife (Vertical Doors)

    smart Modifications
    A friend was kind enough to help me add wings to IKE. Install was actually easy and straigh-forward.... although I was very nervous going into this level of modification. I altered the instructions a little bit reguarding the L bracket. there is a factory stud nearby that holds the factory L...
  6. Kenwood 5120 add-on install

    Audio & Video
    I have the Kenwood 5120 with nav and bluetooth (installed by dealer before I got the car). Just got the xm sat radio interface and universal rear view camera accessories for it. Anyone else add these items? I need some insight on where to put the camera and antenna, how to run the wires. Would...
  7. Doug Thorley Exhaust install video

    smart Videos
    Here is a video to help you guys that are doing your own install. Thanks Nick
  8. Scangauge II - (Factory Look) Install

    smart Modifications
    Here is my flush "factory look" install of Scangauge II If anyone is interested, I took some pictures during install, so I can post DIY step by step. Cube ******************************************************************** Here we go! DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK! ;-) Tools: DREMEL WARNING...