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  1. smart General Discussion
    Greetings, anyone had the experience of installing fog lights on their 2016 Smart? Mine came without them and the dealer won't even talk to me about adding them. I want to do it myself but I know nothing except that no bodyshop here in Austin will touch the job for me. Finding any parts for...
  2. Interior & Exterior
    I orderd some Rally Armor Mud Flaps and installed the front ones but still need to install the back ones, I just need to figure out how to install the back mud flaps. I orderd Universal BASIC Mud flap Red logo. You can also get them from Tire Rack, the shipping was cheaper for me. Also my car...
  3. Audio & Video
    11 358 Radio Fascia for Smart Fortwo Faceplate Installation Fit Trim Fitting Kit | eBay fits pretty good
  4. Colorado Chapter
    Can anyone give me a link for fog lights for the 2008 Passion? I'd like LED but want to be sure I purchase the correct ones. MB of Westminster wants $1,000.00 bucks for theirs. My thinking is buy the ones I want on-line and have MB install them. Any thoughts?
  5. Kansas Chapter
    Hi I am a new owner of 2008 passion and want to put cruise control on but I have talked with people at Aristocrat and they won't do the install and suggested I post on here to find someone that could recommend which unit to get and install. I really want it done right and don't want to mess the...
  6. New Members Area
    Hi everyone, the forum is new to me and this is my very first posting even though I have had my 2010 Passion Coupe since July 2010. I would like to have Cruise Control installed in my Passion Coupe, however I have not been able to find anyone to install one for me. I live in Beaverton, Oregon...
  7. Audio & Video
    Figured I would share how I installed my Sony XPlod radio here with explanation of what all the wires do :) This is my first time doing this and feedback/corrections are appreciated.
  8. smart Modifications
    Inspired by another thread, I would like to know how to get the parts for the MHD to upgrade my smart. I know there is a larger alternator and the eco button, but what else is involved? How do I get the parts? And how would the installation be done? Looked on evilution and I didnt find anything.
  9. Audio & Video
    First off, let me say thanks to Evilution for their wonderfully detailed and illustrated instructions. Without them, I would have been in for a really unpleasant time. I installed door speakers yesterday (Polk DB651) and came up with a way to make the process a lot easier. I used the door...
1-9 of 10 Results