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intake cold air

  1. Aftermarket Intake Heatshield lose

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I had a hell of a time loosening the bolts provided by Smart Madness on their intake to clean the filter the other day. Lucky for me I realized why they were so tight, they keep the heat shield (or dust cover) in place. Now to today's story... I had the unluckiness of not tightening them as...
  2. cold air intake & programmer for area 451 cruise control

    storage, obsolete threads (locked)
    anyone got any intakes off there smarts they wanna sell me?? also anybody have a programmer from there area 451 cruise control. i wanna try out the pedal mapping feature. and it seems like the kinda thing that once u figure out what map u like u would never use the thing again? am i right. who...