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  1. Need radio help

    Audio & Video
    so while browsing the web i came across a video that showed an iPad mini being slide into a dock and it was then the cars main media hub, inspiration hit and i would love to do this but I'm having an issue, in the video his radio panel seems all one...
  2. Update on my 451

    smart Modifications
    Hi Guys, It has been a while but today I visited the forum again. I did a lot on the smart in the mean time so I thought I'd give you an update... Some highlights are the iPad mini retina install, conversion to power windows, s-mann springs etc etc You can view all the pictures here: Smart 451...
  3. RIP Steve Jobs

    Tech & Gadgets
    Steve Jobs passed away this afternoon. My prayers to his wife and kids.
  4. iPad in the smart

    smart General Discussion
    Hi, I'm Annet from holland. Im working on a new design of a mid-console for a Smart. We want to make the interior very interactive with intelligent systems. The instrument panel will be a digitall display and we also want to integrate an IPad in the mid-console. I'm very interested in whether...