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  1. iPod issues

    Audio & Video
    I have a 2013 smart and have been running my iPod classic with it through the glove box usb without difficulty or incident for quite some time. I had to reset the warning light recently for the 2 year interval warning, and at that point the iPod is read by the radio as it always did, but it...
  2. How to hook up an iPod

    Audio & Video
    HELP! I can't figure out how to hook up my iPod to my smart Car through the USB port...when I plug it in it just reads 'device unavailable' do I need a different cable?
  3. Ipod Controler

    Ipod Controler

    harman/cardon ipod controler and display
  4. AVIC U310BT Install

    Audio & Video
    I just installed the AVIC U310BTs in my 2009 smart car after reading that this unit would be offered as the "official" GPS upgrade on the 2010 model smarts. They retail for about $600 but I picked up a unit on eBay for $370. Another $30 for the iPod cable and 50 bucks for the Polk Audio DB651...
  5. Aux won't play my ipod nano

    Audio & Video
    I've read through about 10 pages of threads, but don't see that anyone has had this problem. I bought a new cable at Best Buy and expected to hear my ipod through my speakers when I switched the radio to "AUX". Nothing. I switched cables. Nothing. Tried the setup in our Avalanche and it...
  6. Simple Ipod Routing

    Simple Ipod Routing

    Driver side routing
  7. Simple Ipod Routing

    Simple Ipod Routing

    Pax side routing
  8. Simple Ipod Routing

    Simple Ipod Routing

    Driver RH mod
  9. Simple Ipod Routing

    Simple Ipod Routing

    Driver RH mod
  10. iPod connection

    smart General Discussion
    What's the best way to connect my iPod to my Smarty? I have the Smart Radio 10 package with the 3.5mm aux jack in the glove box. thx.
  11. Kenwood 5120 - Ipod not recognized

    Audio & Video
    My Ipod will play through the system but it will not recognize it therefore I cannot use the touch screen and the book doesn't info doesn't show on the screen. Any ideas what is wrong?
  12. Usb Ports And Ipod Controls For Smart

    Usb Ports And Ipod Controls For Smart

  13. Life Is Sweet

    Life Is Sweet

  14. Great Proportions

    Great Proportions

    Smart Enuf's smartie
  15. Taller But Shorter

    Taller But Shorter

    Smart Enuf's smartie