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  1. 2015 smart fortwo - known issues?

    smart General Discussion
    Hello friends! I've had my 2015 smart fortwo for a couple weeks now and I LOVE it! I'm now looking at extended warranties because I'm scared to death something will happen to it that will end up costing an arm and a leg. Does anyone know of any known issues with the 2015 smart fortwo's that...
  2. No reverse at 23k miles!!

    smart General Discussion
    Hello! I purchased a 11' Smart fortwo pure back in november 2013 with an extended MB warranty and 2 days ago while parking my ride it refused to go into reverse, then it refused to go into drive and finally the MIL came on! Luckily the next day was my day off so in the morning I took it to the...
  3. What's Wrong With My Cabriolet Top?

    smart General Discussion
    Hey guys! Today, when I was putting the top up, I heard a loud one to two clicking noises coming from the cabrio top once it reached the bars. I thought it was the bars so I removed them and re-did the test and it still made the same noise. The top functions fine, except for that terribly loud...