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  1. Smart one of Jalopnik's "10 Preppiest Cars"

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    Actually, I take it as sort of a compliment. It is up there amongst Mercs, Range Rovers, and BMW's. Most of what they say in this article is pretty accurate about the Smart too, and not too negative :) The Ten Preppiest Cars
  2. Jalopnik thinks the smart is a LOLCAR!

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    Yeah, This Isn't Very Smart - smart fortwo - Jalopnik So by their logic if you purchase a car which doesn't fit your camping equipment or whatever once a year and you have to take a trailer or rent an RV or something, you are not very smart? I actually think that guy's makeshift trailer is genius.
  3. Hilarious Roadster Writeup on Jalopnik

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    Get Smart for $18,000 - Npocp - Jalopnik Buy this smart roadster for $18,000 or get a Miata and live a long, dull, unmemorable life