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  1. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Got my Smart Car from a used dealership. There was only one key. The key worked great for everything (never tried using it to manually unlock the door before this though) for months. Keyfob stopped working out of nowhere, no buttons working. We replaced the battery and it still does...
  2. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Major service was recently performed (thankfully under warranty) to replace the power control board. I got the car back (after 4 months waiting for a backordered board from Germany) to find my spare key no longer worked. Not only did it not turn on the "ignition" switch, the buttons for door...
  3. smart General Discussion
    today, I just took ownership of a 2008 cabrio. When the car was traded in the owner only had one key. How expensive is getting another key fob? I'm a little worried. last thing i want to do is lose the only key i have. Can a key be made elsewhere or only at mercedes?
  4. smart Operation and Maintenance
    My hatch release button won't work any longer. I tried both key fobs. The key fob works fine for opening the doors. Manual release works. Where do I go to fix this? Is there a wiring diagram or part that I need to replace? I generally don't use the dealer for many repairs. Helpful if I could...
  5. smart Operation and Maintenance
    I recently bought a 2009 passion and now I have some questions... Tonight when I left work I noticed my headlights flashed multiple (8-9) times when I pressed the unlock button on my key and it did the same thing when I got home and pressed the lock button. What does this mean?
  6. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Just for fun I dug the spare Smart key out and tested it today. No lights from the car, not even the extra flashes indicating a weak battery... Put a new 2016 in, works fine. Close call though, reprogramming a key can be expensive...
  7. smart Operation and Maintenance
    One of my buttons on key fob broke. Does anyone know where to get a new plastic part of the key fob without replacing the whole key and key fob? Purchasing the key fob from the dealer is over $150. Thank you for the information. It was just the rubber buttons. I will contact the dealer with...
  8. Vendor Deals
    Hi Check these Brabus sticker and key ring!! BRABUS Gear Selection Sticker - link (smartPitStop) Gear selection diagram sticker. Fits between gear lever and key switch. Key Ring Color - link (smartPitStop) Brown, red and blue, 100% polyester, with carabiner, logo and print "open your...
  9. Vendor Deals
    The all new 2010 smart accessories in-stock and more coming soon..... 1) Key Ring Ecological -(link) smartPitStop 100% polyester, "IS GREATNESS A MATTER OF SIZE?" woven 2) Passion Mobile Phone Strap - (link) smartPitStop Mobile strap with Brand logo, decorated with gems and chain...
  10. New Members Area
    I would like to buy a key that will just unlock the door and also use it as the ignition key (no push buttons), like older cars used to have. It would be ideal for parking lot attendants and for not carrying that bulky key in my pocket. The dealer could not help me, nor the friendly locksmith in...
  11. Interior & Exterior
    Wanted: Unlock both doors (driver's and passenger's) doors with one click of the unlock button on the key fob. I wish to press the unlock button and unlock both doors simultaneously.
1-11 of 11 Results