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  1. [450 pre-2008] Dual Reverse Lights DONE w/pics

    Modifications and Repairs
    I posted before about hating the single back-up light and the frequent explanations that I don't actually have a tail light out, so I bought a UK-market RHD left hand tail light housing and fitted it to my Euro-market LHD car. Here's the story. I was searching eBay UK for a good long while for...
  2. Front turn signal bulbs - 2357A

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    The 451 USA manual lists the front turn signal lamp as a PY 21 W. If you look up that bulb, it is a single contact amber bulb with an odd pin arrangement -- looking at the bulb from the bottom, the pins are not 180 degrees apart. I have a burned out bulb, so I went in search of a replacement...