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  1. 450 Roof won't latch shut - help!

    Original (450) smart fortwo
    I rolled the roof back and released it to it's lower open position to show off my beautiful smartie, but now it won't latch back into place so I can close it!! Can anyone help? Is there a trick or a fuse or something? I didn't take the side bars off (and know to check that they click twice), it...
  2. Broken Trunk Latch

    smart General Discussion
    I just bought my daughter a Passion (used). Of the two interior latches (tabs to let the lift gate open), one is broken. Has anyone had this happen? Any luck repairing it yourself? Thanks!
  3. Replaced door lock

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    just got done replacing my driver side door lock / latch. I had to remove the mirror, outside door handle and the outer door panel. I followed evolution’s instructions for all of the removals. The only problem I had was disconnecting the power to the mirror. There is not a lot of room and the...
  4. Hood Latch

    Hood Latch

  5. Door Latch Problem... Dealer trip

    smart General Discussion
    Finally snapped the inside door handle trying to get my door to shut.. had to bring it in to the dealer.. they repaired the faulty latch and ordered the part that I snapped.. While it was there, they upgraded my transmission software to 2.0.. shifts a lot better now.. a new owners manual was...
  6. Smartfortwo trunk latch

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Please someone help me. Can any one tell me if their trunk has refused to lock shut? I cannot get mine to latch.
  7. Tail gate won't unlatch on left side

    smart General Discussion
    I can't get the tail gate unlatched. The plastic lever appears loose and out of position compared to the right side. Anyone else seen this? I can't easily service the engine (check the oil) with the tail gate up. It's not particularly cold now either.
  8. Talked with Dave Shembri

    smart Delivery
    Background: Reserved 20 May 07 Visited dealership and asked to be on orphan list Jan 08. Configured 1 March 08. Estimated Date of Delivery Nov 07 - Jan 08. Wrote a letter and mailed off 5 copies to 5 addresses on 6 April 08 to Roger Penske. Adopted an orphan 19 April 08 and took delivery 21...