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  1. Any advice on returning leased smart EV to MBenz?

    smart General Discussion
    Mercedes Benz Financial has demanded that we return our 2014 Smart EV ASAP because they will no longer extend the lease. How can We expect to be treated on the return? Will they tag on lots of fees? Should we wash the car first? We bought accessories such as weathertech mats and the trunk...
  2. Leasing my first EV.... Smart!

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    I am a member of USAA and have some extra incentives from them. I am leasing a new smart ev and BAP for ~149/month 36months/30K miles/$2000 down. Texas has an $1875 rebate from TCEQ so I will get the majority of my down payment back in a few months. This feels very cheap to try the...
  3. Lease Mileage Allowance Calculator

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    So, as mentioned in my post Decided in this forum I'm now the proud lessee of a white 2014 Smart ED Cabrio. I got it with a 12,000-mile allowance per year for three years. I wasn't really aiming for a cabrio, but it was the last one within 150 miles of dealerships in my area, and I didn't want...
  4. Free Smart Car!

    New Members Area
    Is basically how I'm convincing myself to do this. I took a new job and have to drive about 60 miles a day now in my Tacoma which only gets about 16mpg. So by leasing the inexpensive and fuel efficient Smart, the money I'm saving on gas basically covers the cost of a lease. I've settled on the...
  5. New smart, yearly maintenance?

    New Members Area
    I was heavily considering leasing a smart and finally took the plunge yesterday. I'm signing the final paperwork and picking up my new black passion on Monday night : ) That said I had a few questions on maintaining the car. We shopped around at two dealers in the NYC area, the Manhattan one...
  6. Manhattanite considering lease...

    New York Chapter
    Hi, I live on the Upper West Side and I'm about to start a job which covers 2 hospitals, one on the UES and one in Washington Heights. Since my job involves crazy hours when crosstown buses aren't yet running and the subway is infrequent, I'm looking into other transportation options that are...
  7. smart lease program

    smart General Discussion
    What do you guys think of the smart car lease program? I think $169 a month is a pretty good deal for a pure, but I'd really like Sirius/XM installed. Does anyone know how much it costs to get those installed?
  8. Smart Leasing

    smart General Discussion
    Leasing has started at my dealership, just got the email today " Lease a smart fortwo passion coupe As low as $198 per month for 36 months As low as $198 First Month payment. $2,000 Down payment. $795 lease acquisition fee. $2,993 Cash due at signing. Excludes tax, title and dealer fees. No...