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  1. All New LED Side Mirror Signal Indicator

    Vendor Deals
    Hi, NEW ITEM!! COOL....:jawdrop: Easy to install. Connect with turn signal light and it blinks through darkness. Set of 2 for both Left and Right side mirror. ***Also comes with White/Blue/Green/Orange. Check this out - smartPitStop
  2. Fortwo LED Brake Lights

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    Make your smart car brake lights and roof spoiler shine more concentrate. Check them out!! smartPitStop - LED Brake Light smartPitStop - LED Roof Spoiler Brake Light Also don't miss out our limited X'mas special!! (smartPitStop) Merry Christmas
  3. Need a "wiring-free" LED light?

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    This is a new item from smartPitStop - Mini LED light 3M Double-sided tape, easily installed, wiring-free battery illumination LED! Each built of two high-intensity LED lights. Easily removable base and body! Simple to replace battery. Battery life: about 3 hours for continuous lighting...
  4. LED Light Stripe Set for smart 451

    Vendor Deals
    Smart 451 & 450 LED Light Stripe Set Extendable LED Light Stripe for which you can install wherever you want that fit your style. Set Include: 1 x wire connector 3 x 12 inch LED light stripe smartPitStop (LED Light Stripe Set - USD49.99 with free shipping worldwide) :D
  5. Getting into the speedometer LED displays

    Interior & Exterior
    Can anyone offer any instructions (and, as always, photos would be nice) for getting into the light pipes leading to the various warning lights in the speedometer pod? I managed to do the rest of my cruise control install with no problems (other than major-league back pains), but could not...
  6. Side Mirrors with Lights

    Modifications and Repairs
    I know Evilution stops 'round here every once and again so first off, thanks to him and everyone on his forums. :) The information there is a great help. And it encouraged me to install the side mirrors with lights. Following the instructions at Evilution - Smart Car Encyclopaedia i had them...
  7. smart 451 dome and licence LED in BLUE

    Archive/obsolete (?) threads
    1 - Dome Light 2 - License Plate Light High Powered LEDs purchased from selling for $12.00. LEDs are used and working fine... installed on 1/6/09. Love em but paranoid being stopped by CHP. PM if interested. thank you
  8. Under dash lighting

    Interior & Exterior
    Anyone else need a light to see the cup holders and all? Wondering if anyone has installed an under dash light, and if so, what did you use? Also wondering how to wire it so it works with the vehicle light switch (not manual).
  9. Led Lights Inside Old

    Led Lights Inside Old

    led lights in a smart car it was still bright out when this was taken