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  1. Uneven headlights

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    A couple of weeks ago I drove our other car while my wife drove my Smart ED behind me. I noticed that the headlights of the Smart were uneven in brightness. I couldn't figure out whether it was a misaligned reflector orientation or actual light power difference. So, I took it to the dealer and...
  2. Smart Crashed Into Light Pole (April 22, 2013)

    SUMMERLAND, Calif. - A driver miraculously walked away uninjured after a car crash into a light pole. The Smart Car crash happened around 8:30 a.m. Monday in front of the Summerland Winery on Lillie Avenue in Summerland. The air bag was deployed, which may have helped prevent any serious...
  3. Issue: AC and button panel illumination stopped working

    smart General Discussion
    Just recently I noticed some background illumination in my dash stopped working. Specifically, the amber lights behind the climate control and button panel. I checked all the fuses I could think of and it looks okay. I also checked the wired connection to the button panel and it is tightly...
  4. Dead 3rd brake light

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Noticed last night my 3rd brake light is not functioning. Is this a easy bulb change or is there wiring to check? Recently I replaced all of my rear bulbs (minus the 3rd) to brighter LED bulbs. Could I of affected the 3rd brake light? My car has an extended Smart warranty so if its a real...
  5. Help--I have an HID light out!

    smart Modifications
    Hey All, I found today that my right-hand headlight is out . . . just before this Sunday's SF Club drive! Normally I wouldn't be concerned because it would be a matter of going to Kragen and getting a new bulb. However, these are dealer-installed HID's? How are these different from...
  6. Smart Car HID light conversion kit

    Vendor Deals
    Another new product coming soon, very soon.... As most of you know there are a number of after market lighting options for the smart car. A number of customers have asked us for a good quality HID conversion set up. We have looked at a number of options for the smart car and have settled on...
  7. Exclamation Light in Center of Dash won't shift..

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I experienced a problem the other day where I started my car and backed out of a parking spot. I didn't notice it but the Warning Light in the Center of the Console with the exclamation point in the middle was on. Also, my car was not shifting by itself out of 1st gear. I could put the car in...
  8. Map/Courtesy Light

    Interior & Exterior
    (If this has already been discussed, point me to the thread please) So last weekend I'm driving in the dark (keep the jokes to yourself please) and my co-pilot was attempting to read a map. Has anyone tryed to read at night using the dome light(?), it just aint bright, nor direct enough! I'm...