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  1. Does this mean I need to get an oil change?

    New Members Area
    And if so how long can I go without changing it?
  2. All lights "freeze" until ignition turned off/on

    smart General Discussion
    Hi, When night driving all lights behave normally for a while - then, from time to time, the main beam will dip of its own accord. From that moment on it is not possible to get main beam via the column stalk. EVEN MORE strange is that it is not possible to turn the lights OFF. Everything is...
  3. Installing Interior LED Lights Smart 453 Cabrio

    Interior & Exterior
  4. Electrical Issue? Lights Blink Sporadically after Turn Off

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hello, I have a 2013 Cabriolet, gasoline. When I turn the key off there is a period for maybe two or three minutes where the lights will just flash on and off very quickly. It is sporadic, doesn't seem to be on a pattern. After a few minutes everything is just fully powered down and it...
  5. LED Lighting concerns

    smart fortwo (451 - US vehicle)
    Hello, I have been trying to switch all my lights to LED. So far i've done the following: - Back up lights with Phillips LED (white) Bulb - Brake/rear turn signal with Sylvania LED (red) Bulb - Front turn signal with Sylvania LED (amber) Bulb - Dome light with Phillips 38mm LED (white) light...
  6. LED lights on 24/7 for 2014 E-SMART

    smart Modifications
    HOW can I keep my LED lights on WITH my headlights???? Is there a mod for this? Thank you!!
  7. Rear light driver side not working

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Got a problem. I own a 2008 451. when i turn all my lights on front and back all lights work except the rear driver side not working. the passenager side is working. when I brake all the lights working including the driver side light. when i unpress the brake pedal. the light doesnt turn on...
  8. Side Blinker Replacement

    Modifications and Repairs
    I noticed my passenger blinker was doing double-time so I checked my lights and the side turn signal was out. I can remove the round cylinder unit (sort of a tuna can shape) by twisting it and pulling it out. The unit appears impenetrable though... Am I supposed to be able to open the...
  9. Lights acting weird

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I shot this earlier this year. My lights were acting weird and still do on and off. Tell me what you think.
  10. Installed some LED light strips in my Red cabrio

    Interior & Exterior
    My son's girlfriend got me some LED strips off of ebay for my birthday. I spent a couple of hours wiring them in yesterday, I like to think the wiring job is clean, although I didn't use an fuse-tap. I didn't really see a good place under the dash to mount this strip, and decided on this place...
  11. kahn puddle lights now at smartmadness!!

    smart General Discussion
    Hi all, Our kahn puddle lights for the smart are now available at smartmadness CA. these lights are ready for immediate dispatch . . . They are a nice addition to your smart with a cool ambient xenon effect.:)
  12. Kahn At Brooklands 2009

    Kahn At Brooklands 2009

    Hot Roadster. pic. Daniel Allen 2009
  13. Kahn At Brooklands 2009

    Kahn At Brooklands 2009

    Little Monster. pic. Daniel Allen 2009
  14. Kahn At Brooklands 2009

    Kahn At Brooklands 2009

    s-mann little cutie pic. Daniel Allen 2009
  15. Kahn At Brooklands 2009

    Kahn At Brooklands 2009

    smarts ready for inspection. pic. Daniel Allen 2009
  16. Kahn At Brooklands 2009

    Kahn At Brooklands 2009

    Tony,John,Ritesh,Dan . .The kahn smart team. pic. Daniel Allen 2009
  17. Kahn At Brooklands 2009

    Kahn At Brooklands 2009

    John ready for the first customer pic. Daniel Allen 2009
  18. kahn puddle lights on the car

    smart Gallery
    Hi all, it's not the best picture, but you will see the effect these lights give . .
  19. How to rewire lights with ignition

    smart Modifications
    My battery died as a result of not turning off the headlights the other night. The headlights turn off when I turn the ignition off, but the parking lights stay on. I'd like to rewire the parking lights so they turn off when the ignition is turned off. Anyone know how to do this? --Scott
  20. KAHN release their new puddle lights for the Smart

    smart Modifications
    :DHey smart car community . . We have just launched our new smart car puddle lights in the UK and they are on the way to Smart Madness in the US. BRAND NEW PROJECT KAHN UNIVERSAL 10 PIECE PUDDLE LIGHT KIT These lights have a great waterproof design and come in a beautiful black...