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  1. Modifications and Repairs
    Hey guys, my girlfriend bought a smart car almost a year ago and its been working fine but now its been happening a few times where her key will lock and unlock the car perfectly fine, nothing abnormal. but when she gets in and puts the key in the ignition, there is the key symbol on the dash...
  2. New Members Area
    Is there some way to change the door locks so that all locks open on one click? I have a 2008 Smart Passion Conv.
  3. Modifications and Repairs
    Last night I was bringing some boxes over to a friend's place. Threw them in the trunk no problem. I went to open the trunk today, and the latch makes the noise like it's opening as usual but the trunk stays locked. I've played around with the rear roof latches, locked and unlocked the car...
  4. smart General Discussion
    I just bought my daughter a Passion (used). Of the two interior latches (tabs to let the lift gate open), one is broken. Has anyone had this happen? Any luck repairing it yourself? Thanks!
  5. smart Operation and Maintenance
    just got done replacing my driver side door lock / latch. I had to remove the mirror, outside door handle and the outer door panel. I followed evolution’s instructions for all of the removals. The only problem I had was disconnecting the power to the mirror. There is not a lot of room and the...
  6. New Wheels And Tires

    Wider is better
1-6 of 7 Results