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locking unlocking

  1. Code after replacing fuses

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Howdy y'all, My alarm system has been malfunctioning since I got the car (high pitched siren goes off unless I disable in cabin), and the locking mechanism just recently became unresponsive to any attempts to lock/unlock it (both keys' buttons did nothing even with new batteries, mechanical...
  2. 2008 Lock Manually

    New Members Area
    I drive a 2008 Smart For Two Passion. I can't figure out how to lock the car manually. There is a key slot on the outside of the driver door, but when I insert the key and turn it left or right it never locks the car. The passenger side does not have a slot. Also when I'm inside the car I have...
  3. 450 cabrio dome lite issue (stuck on)

    Modifications and Repairs
    washed my 05 450 cabrio, and the rear dome lite came on when tailate was opened, and the other idiot lite (next to cig liter socket) os on as well.. I disconnected the rear lite (popped out and unplugged) , the other is annoying. ok how do i disable this , remove the fuze? and where is the...