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  1. Hiiiiiiii... I'm a New User

    New Members Area
    Hello everyone, I'm excited about joining the forumn. I just purchased my smart car a week ago and I LOVE it!! I look forward to seeing some of you guys' smart cars and getting new ideas for mine. I really hope to connect with smart car owners in Louisiana, specifically in the Baton Rouge and...
  2. Smart Car in Louisiana

    smart General Discussion
    Lately, ive been seeing more and more smarts running around in baton rouge, ive seen at least 5 this week, does anybody know anyone that drives a smart in baton rouge
  3. Anybody wanna make a meet in new orleans

    Louisiana & Tennessee
    i was just wandering if we should make like a meet or something some time in new orleans once it gets hotter, any feedback
  4. Who wants to start a smart club in BR Louisiana

    smart General Discussion
    im looking to start a club in baton rouge Louisiana, anybody interested:D
  5. WHAT UP, from baton rouge, LA

    New Members Area
    whats up peeps, im 16 and drive a 09 passion, im looking to start a baton rouge club for smart cars, or at least one in louisiana, anybody wanna join:), i got my smart for my 16th b-day from my grandpa as a gift
  6. New Orleans Dealership -finally!

    smart center Dealerships
    Good news for the area! I read a post last week mentioning a dealership in the New Orleans area would be adding Smart. I did some digging and found out some info: No specific details but the rumor has been verified! The Porsche dealer will be adding a Smart franchise...