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  1. smart Videos
    After my Smart made it through its first production year with fewer warranty problems than my other first year vehicles (G35 Coupe & Expedition SUV) it was time for some customization. Thanks to the guys at Smart Madness, a bunch of boxes came with Genius wheels, their own line of progressive...
  2. smart Modifications
    I noticed after I put in my springs according to zimmer video. I hear a clunking noise when I hit a bump, like the shocks are lose. Anyone else have that issue or have an inclination of what the noise might be.
  3. smart Modifications
    Hey guys, I'm planning on lowering the smart but have a few questions. After lowering do you find your front bumped scraping on driveway entrances, etc? How about in the rear any scraping on steep entrances or large hills from flat roads? Thanks, SMART
1-3 of 4 Results