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  1. Post Pictures of trunk area...

    smart Gallery
    Please post some pictures of the the Smart trunk area with some cargo... Luggage especially.I will renting a Smart in Europe and I want to be sure my luggage will fit.I am also considering buying one,after the trip I will know. Thank guys!:D
  2. Buying a New Smart/Cargo space...

    New Members Area
    Hi everybody. This is my first post. I am really considering buying a new Smart Passion Coupe but I am not sold yet. I am going on vacation with my GF to Europe and i rented guess what car? A Smart. So I get to test drive it for 15 days.I will be traveling with a 24" Suitcase, a 29" suitcase...
  3. Luggage Cargo Net Required

    Dealers and Parts
    In Smart Car brochure they show a luggage cargo net that goes from floor to ceiling seperating trunk from seats. Where can I get one as need to keep my dog in the back seat