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  1. Looking for Traverse City maintenance

    Michigan Region
    I bought my smart Cabrio in May, 2008 from the smart dealership in Minneapolis. Dealers in Minnesota have evaporated. I obtained service from a KIA dealership when they hired the smart techs. I moved to Traverse City in mid-December, 2013. Driving to Bloomfield, Mi or Chicago, Il seems too...
  2. Wiring Diagram Needed!

    smart Modifications
    Is there anywhere I would be able to find a Complete wiring diagram for a 2005 Smart Cdi??
  3. Hello! New Here. I had my smart for a year.

    New Members Area
    Just saying howdy! My first message here. I have a 2009 passion coupe red with black. on January 26 it will be a year since I got it. The maintenance wrench sign is flashing when I turn it on with a -16 number, and it's counting up the "-" number every once in a while. Does it mean I need an...
  4. 451 Oil Filter & Air Filter

    Vendor Deals
    Want to save money on your maintenance service? Here you are.... smartPitStop (Oil Filter USD 10.99 with free shipping for worldwide) smartPitStop (Air Filter USD13.99 with free shipping for worldwide) We also have Combo Package, come and check them out!!:D