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  1. Smartcar 2012 not shifting into reverse or 1st gear

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hello, I am new to the forum but I was looking to get some ideas on what might be happening with my 2012 smart for two passion. I bought it second hand and have had it for about a year. It has 68,000 miles on it and has been quite a pain with repairs recently. I had to replace the control module...
  2. Source of truth for Smart ED yearly maintenance service

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    So I'm just about due for my first year maintenance service and having read through the other posts on this forum, the story I've seen is that the battery needs to be drained and then recharged to determine the capacity for it for the Battery assurance plus program. However, my dealership is...
  3. Flashing wrench

    smart General Discussion
    I just did an oil change, plugs, and filters. What is the situation for this flashing wrench? The car needs maintenance, right? Do I set this myself to alert me? For example when 10,000 miles is up and it's time for a new oil change? I read the manual, but I don't remember anything about this...
  4. smart passionfortwo, is it true I have to remove the oil pan to get the head off?

    smart General Discussion
    Hello all, I'm sure this has already been discussed, but I couldn't find it, on the non - turbocharged, passion fortwo, I'm trying to get the head off, I was told I have to remove the oil pan be for the head will come off, was wondering if anyone could confirm this? Cylinder 1 has no...
  5. Do it myself? (records' keeping)

    smart General Discussion
    Does anybody know or use a product that tracks the service work you do on your car? thanks
  6. Tuneup on a newly purchased used '08?

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I apologize if this is in the wrong section or anything of that nature... I just registered here because I'm picking up my new Smart today (new to me, at least). Its an '08 Passion with 58k miles on it. It was from a Ford dealership so they obviously didn't do any sort of maintenance on it...
  7. New smart, yearly maintenance?

    New Members Area
    I was heavily considering leasing a smart and finally took the plunge yesterday. I'm signing the final paperwork and picking up my new black passion on Monday night : ) That said I had a few questions on maintaining the car. We shopped around at two dealers in the NYC area, the Manhattan one...
  8. Considering a Smart

    New Members Area
    I have fallen for the styling of the car, and find that everyone who owns one is a chatty Cathy (much like myself). Test driving the convertible was fun, and I can see myself with this car. My only big questions are: How much is it to maintain? Is it durable? I currently own a 2011 Scion tC...
  9. Extended Maintenance Warranty from smart

    Smart Owners Club of San Francisco
    Hey, I have found Beshoff Motorcars and brought my smart (Lucy) to get her first 10,000 mile check up. They will NOT accept the extended maintenance warranty I bought from smart of Stevens Creek. They did the oil change and something else that they would accept as part of the warranty. The air...
  10. Looking for a Seattle/Bellevue shop

    Pacific NorthWest Region
    Just noticed there was activity in here recently, so thought I'd post a question I've had for a while. I am looking for a shop to get some work done, namely an oil change (I can do myself, but am lazy) and what I suspect is a wheel bearing that is squealing when I turn a bit on the highway...
  11. NYC area non-dealer maintenance

    New York Chapter
    Hello all.. This sub-sections for New York seems a little quiet, but I'm hoping there's still many of you lurking around on here. I've done a search for the answer to my question, and I can't really see a previous thread that applies, so I'm going to ask it here. My apologies if I missed it...
  12. User Maintenence

    New Members Area
    I only own vehicles that I can maintain, which means rear wheel drive and my Honda Helix. Can the average Do It Yourselfer do repair work like the old VW, which the Smart Car is engineer similarly to, I have never seen a picture of the engine compartment?
  13. How easy is the SmartCar to service?

    New Members Area
    I'm thinking about buying one, but the nearest dealer is a 3 hour drive. Has anyone had experience having an independent car repair facility with little or no experience with the Smartcar servicing this vehicle? Or should I avoid purchase when and if a local dealership comes to Tallahassee?
  14. Side blinker replacement

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Ok, here's what happened: I scraped a mailbox and tore the passenger side blinker off. Now I need a replacement, any where I can get one? I was thinking I'd have to get one from the smart center, but I'd kinda like to get it somewhere a little cheaper or maybe get some aftermarket blinkers...
  15. New but not so!

    New Members Area
    Hello everyone, I am happy to be part of this esteemed group. Just a quick intro. We own Express Automotive Centre in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. We have been lucky to have been working on Smart cars for over 4 years now. awesome car, you will all love them. Thanks. Jerry :) Express Automotive...
  16. Maintenance service interval won't clear

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    What steps am I missing to clear the maintenance service interval? All it says in the manual is to press the button on the left. It won't go away. Any ideas? TIA!
  17. Tire pressure issues

    smart Wheels & Tires
    I've had the car three weeks and had the light come on three times. Today is the third time while my wife was driving home. Each time one tire (different ones) has been 5 PSI outside of the norm. Anybody else having this kind of problem? Leaky aluminum wheels perhaps? I know aluminum wheels...
  18. Water under passenger side carpet.

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Anyone else have this problem? I was poking around yesterday, and lifted the carpet on the passenger side to see the tow hook ring that is stored there, and there was water under the passenger side carpet. I was able to do this without removing any fasteners, so it's an easy check. Plus it's...