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manual shifting

  1. 2016 manual or automatic?!

    smart General Discussion
    I have a big decision to make... do I go for manual or automatic on a 2016? I’ve enjoyed driving a manual though it was 10 years ago. Does anyone have preference for the way the car drives?
  2. In drive shifting up delay

    smart General Discussion
    Sometimes when starting off in Drive it seems it does not want to shift out of first gear. I sometimes have to push the shifter to the left then back into drive then it works fine. I don't think there is anything mechanically wrong. I'm curious is this a normal thing due to the nature of the...
  3. Shifting: both up and down questions

    smart General Discussion
    New owner (about 4 weeks now). I've got a couple of questions regarding manually shifting (manual is my preferred driving mode). First Question: When accelerating and shifting up from 1st into 2nd, sometimes I have to push the shifter forwards as many as 3 times before it will shift into 2nd...