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  1. Got My Preowned '08

    Picked up on 2/19 in Tucson for $7300 with 6200 miles. Drove Back to Boulder Co.
  2. So Cal Smarties
    Do we have a map like the NJ/Philli Smarties? I searched and couldn't find one but it would be cool to know where, and how many smarts are around. In case we don't have one... I made one! MyGuestmap (1 markers placed) (it was either that or yard work)
  3. Interior & Exterior
    (If this has already been discussed, point me to the thread please) So last weekend I'm driving in the dark (keep the jokes to yourself please) and my co-pilot was attempting to read a map. Has anyone tryed to read at night using the dome light(?), it just aint bright, nor direct enough! I'm...
  4. New Members Area
    Please check your entry on the map: Looks like several of the original entries are missing, plus some of the info may need updating (as in "I got my smart!") Thanks! :)
  5. map

1-5 of 5 Results