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  1. Do we have a map. SOCAL SMARTIES MAP

    So Cal Smarties
    Do we have a map like the NJ/Philli Smarties? I searched and couldn't find one but it would be cool to know where, and how many smarts are around. In case we don't have one... I made one! MyGuestmap (1 markers placed) (it was either that or yard work)
  2. Map/Courtesy Light

    Interior & Exterior
    (If this has already been discussed, point me to the thread please) So last weekend I'm driving in the dark (keep the jokes to yourself please) and my co-pilot was attempting to read a map. Has anyone tryed to read at night using the dome light(?), it just aint bright, nor direct enough! I'm...
  3. Members map

    New Members Area
    Please check your entry on the map: Looks like several of the original entries are missing, plus some of the info may need updating (as in "I got my smart!") Thanks! :)
  4. map