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  1. My Sales Project

    smart General Discussion
    Good morning everybody! I am doing a sales and marketing project and I chose to do the smart car. I felt that I could come up with a print ad, billboard, radio ad and tv commercial as a part of the sales project and what better place to display my creations than with you! I hope you enjoy them...
  2. NO smart at Philadelphia Auto Show

    smart General Discussion
    smart was noticeably (at least to me) absent from the Philadelphia Auto Show. Since they project attendance at 250,000 - that is missing a decent audience. All of the competition was there, including Fiat with a desk, signage and at least six (6) cars in the middle of the Chrysler area...
  3. Pride-Ferrell Marketing 2012

    smart General Discussion
    Hey guys. Check out #21. Any idea as to what it might say? I snapped this picture in my marketing services class today. Has anybody seen what is on this video? I'll be able to rent it in a couple of weeks from my professor so I can see what is on it. I'm not sure I can legally post the entire...
  4. Can The IQ Outsell Smart?

    smart News & Rumors
    Marketing and selling a very small car in the United States is a challenge; just ask Daimler subsidiary Smart, the brand responsible for the Fortwo. But Scion is pushing forward with the new 2012 iQ, so what sort of sales volumes is Toyota’s youth brand projecting? As we learned during last...
  5. Calling all smart fortwo enthusiasts

    smart General Discussion
    Do you sit in your office just waiting to get off work so you can go driving? Do you love to express yourself through your smart fortwo? Have you ever parked your smart in a spot that the "Dumber Hummer" could only dream about and chuckled as you watched them continue to circle the parking lot...